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The DevSecOps environment will be shown implemented by injecting security into Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Monitoring (CM) and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) .

A Short preview of the DevSecOps portion of the course is available for viewing. 

This course will help you understand application security vulnerabilities as well as OWASP Top 10. As part of the class attendees will be provided access to an online lab for 7 days where they can practice their application security skills,  and be provided with our custom developed DevSecOps-Lab VM containing all the tools and code which are used for demonstrating the DevSecOps pipeline.

Course Takeaway
  • Understand OWASP Top 10 2017.
  • Understand the financial repercussions of different vulnerabilities.
  • Get on the same page with the security team while discussing vulnerabilities.
  • Understand how to tackle security issues in a fast- moving DevOps environment
  • Identify tools/solutions and develop processes to create a secure by default infrastructure
  • Utilize the integration scripts and tools provided in the DevSecOps Lab to create your own DevSecOps pipeline
Course Objectives
  • Provides insights into the latest security vulnerabilities.
  • Offers thorough guidance on best security practices.
  • Provides online labs for hands-on practice during and after the course (7 Days)
  • Create a security culture/mindset amongst the already integrated “DevOps” team.
  • Find and fix security bugs as early in SDLC as possible.
  • The culture promotes the philosophy “Security is everyone’s problem”.
  • Measure and shrink the attack surface.
Session FAQ

This class is ideal for Web/API developers who work day-in-day out building full-stack web applications or web APIs. Anyone who is looking to develop a skillset into web application security and identify web application flaws can also benefit from this course.

DevOps engineers, security and solutions architects, system administrators and anybody who is a fan of automation will also strongly benefit from this course as it’ll give them a holistic approach towards application security.

Anybody with a background in IT or related to software development whether a developer or a manager can attend this course to get an insight about DevOps and DevSecOps.

A Laptop with minimum 4 GB RAM and 1 GB of extra space. Currently the tools provided by us support only Windows, MacOS and Debian operating systems.

Apart from the various tools and content around the training Students will be provided with a 7 day lab access where they can practice all the exercises/demos shown during the training.

They shall also be provided with our custom built DevSecOps-Lab VM containing all the code, scripts and tools that are used for building the entire DevSecOps pipeline.

Abhijay Singh