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Cloud Security Automation Recipes


Cloud Computing has become the force-multiplier that organizations are turning to, in ever-increasing numbers, today. Cloud solutions provide the possibility of setting up and scaling massive compute, analytics and data management infrastructure with incredible ease and incredible cost savings using cloud networks. Automation is the name of the game when setting up these “desired state” environments. However, the security of cloud computing is often a bottleneck. Lack of awareness and skills lead to massive security holes and consequently, exploits against organizations’ cloud infrastructure and applications.

In this class, we aim to take a “cookbook” approach to Cloud Security Automation. We start with understanding security automation possibilities in the cloud. Subsequently, we will take up real-world “insecure” cases and apply automation to secure these cloud infrastructure deployments incorporating aspects of defense-in-depth, access management and accountability. All of this while leveraging the myriad tools and services that are made available by top cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Outline and Coverage

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  • Introduction to Cloud Services and Cloud Security

  •  Introduction to Cloud Automation and Deployment

  • Cookbook 1 - Traditional Stacks on AWS and Azure

  • Cookbook 2 - Container Native Deployments on AWS and Azure

  • Cookbook 3 - Serverless Apps on AWS and Azure

Session FAQ
  • Working knowledge of Linux command line
  • Basic knowledge of some (any) programming language
  • Working knowledge of Docker or any container run time
  • Basic knowledge of DevOps and DevOps concepts is good
  • Basic knowledge of Cloud Services with either AWS or Azure
  • Laptop or reasonably powerful tablet computing device
  • Ability to connect to Wifi networks and access the internet
  • Working AWS and Azure Account
  • Slides for the course
  • Lab environment for the duration of the class and upto 6 months after the class
  • OSS toolkit for implementing all the labs discussed in the class
  • Challenge Segments and Automation Challenges

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