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Kubernetes Security Masterclass

This MasterClass is meant to prepare practitioners and operators alike, on the depths of Kubernetes Security. We start off with participants setting up and running their own Kubernetes clusters on a simulated “on-prem” environment. This ensures that they understand the intrinsic aspects of the cluster and underlying technology without blindly depending on managed cloud providers to secure them.

Subsequently, the class takes a firm toward the “Red-Team” by delving deep into Kubernetes attacks. This segment is meant to train participants on “security through insecurity”. 

The training then takes a “Blue Team” turn where we dive deep into Kubernetes defenses.  The participants, through hands-on, cookbook-style sessions, learn how they can audit and secure Kubernetes clusters.

This segment focuses on, not limited to:

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  • Kubernetes Security Maturity Model

  • Authentication, Authorization and Admission Control

  • Secrets Management for Kubernetes deployments

  • Vulnerability Assessment for Kubernetes Deployments

  • Runtime Container Protections for Kubernetes Security

  • Introduction to Service Mesh Security concepts, with Istio

  • Introduction to Security Policy Management with Kubernetes with Open Policy Agent

  • Kubernetes Logging API and Monitoring Practices

  • CI/CD Pipelines for Kubernetes with Security

Session FAQ
  • AppSec Engineers and Professionals
  • DevOps Professionals
  • Senior Security Managers overseeing cloud and DevSecOps initiatives
  • Penetration Testers
  • Cloud Engineers
  • Working knowledge of Linux command line
  • Basic knowledge of some (any) programming language
  • Working knowledge of Docker or any container run time
  • Basic knowledge of Kubernetes may be useful but not mandatory

A laptop or a tablet(with keyboard) with a browser installed

  • Instructions for the Labs
  • Slides for the entire session + Speaker notes
  • Access to we45 cloud labs
  • Code snippets used and the setup files to configure lab environment post-training
  • Repository of OSS Kubernetes Security Tools and
  • 30 Day access to our online platform to learn more about Container Security, AppSec and Kubernetes Security concepts.

Subject matter experts from we45