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Purple Team
AWS and Azure

The aim of this training is to take the participant through a journey of highly practical, scalable and granular knowledge of AWS offense, defense and security automation using a Purple Team approach.

Our fundamental objective is that, after walking out of this class, the participant should be able to immediately apply this knowledge to AWS environments in their workplace. They should be able to identify deep-seated flaws in their company’s AWS cloud infrastructure, secure them from the perspective of defense-in-depth, without resorting to ineffective “perimeter-style” security controls and finally be able to automate both offense and defense, to save precious hours and days that it would otherwise take.

The training will cover:

This AWS and Azure training is an extensive deep-dive into Attack and Defense implementations within AWS and Microsoft Azure. The first three days of the training are dedicated to cookbook-style “Attack and Defend” cyber-ranges. We call this segment “Stories”, as we’ll be deploying and walking through real-world applications and deployments as stories. Participants will deploy 4-5, fully-formed stories on AWS. These stories consist of stacks that will be vulnerable in specific ways.

With the stories being explored on the first three days of the class, the last day of the class will be dedicated to Cloud Security Automation and Assessment techniques for AWS. This segment will focus on DevSecOps practices that can be used in AWS cloud environments.

Session FAQ
  • DevOps Professionals
  • AppSec Professionals
  • Cloud Professionals
  • Cloud Security Professionals
  • Professionals managing or handling Kubernetes and/or Container native
  • Pentesters
  • Working knowledge of Linux command line
  • Basic knowledge of some (any) programming language
  • Working knowledge of Docker or any container run time
  • Basic knowledge of DevOps and DevOps concepts is good
  • Basic knowledge of Cloud Services with either AWS or Azure
  • Laptop or reasonably powerful tablet computing device
  • Ability to connect to Wifi networks and access the internet
  • Working AWS and Azure Account
  • Slides for the course
  • Lab environment for the duration of the class and upto 6 months after the class
  • OSS toolkit for implementing all the labs discussed in the class
  • Challenge Segments and Automation Challenges

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