Briefings provide the infosec community with the latest research in information security risks, developments and emerging trends. Security experts from around the globe present their ground-breaking research, new-found vulnerabilities, open-source tools, zero-day exploits, and more. Security topics range from critical information infrastructure to IoT, network defense, mobile devices, applied security, and everything in between.

Whether you’re an ethical hacker working for a Fortune 500 company, an amateur creating homebrew jailbreaks, or just a beginner looking to learn new tricks, this is the information security conference for you.

100 presentations from ethical hackers and infosec leaders over 4 conference stages.

Four Briefing Rooms 100 technical briefings 440 Delegates

5 reasons to attend

  1. Watch elite ethical hackers as they reveal never before seen vulnerabilities in digital assets and platforms
  2. Learn from global experts representing companies at the vanguard of cutting-edge security as they educate about the most effective infosec methods being used today
  3. See brand new tools being used by master developers and understand how they can gain critical advantage to offensive or defensive security
  4. Get firsthand intelligence briefings on new threats and attack vectors in use by hostile state actors or criminal enterprises
  5. Attain the know-how on how to respond successfully when under various attack scenarios

Call for Papers

All submissions are vetted by the @Hack Review Board for uniqueness, overall content expertise and accuracy before any selections are made. Submissions are accepted for 25 and 50-minute presentation formats.

4 Briefing Rooms

50+ Speakers

3 Days