UAE Chapter

About 971Sec

@Hack community Partner 

Founded in 2016, the grassroots 971sec has become the most respected and reputable infosec community in the UAE. The 971sec community brings a collective of infosec professionals and enthusiasts worldwide together to share and exchange information, insights, relevant events, awareness, notable research, and tools to help all in times of threats to cybersecurity against the UAE and the region. We educate, inspire, promote, and challenge those that believe in traditional cyber security.  

Sophisticated Threat Actors don't rely on conventional methods, why should we? 

To function as an active founding partner of the @Hack.971 Chapter alongside the @Hack Global team, with the primary focus to foster an engaged community of infosec professionals and enthusiasts in the UAE. 



To encourage diversity to enable a more representative exchange of insights, drive awareness, and increase knowledge of the current and future threats and trends. Ultimately, to safeguard and defend UAE's digital world.   



To become an active forum facilitating the exchange of ideas and practical experience in cyber, information, and digital security in the UAE. 


Chapter Meeting Schedule 

  • Meeting 1 - 13th June 2022

  • Meeting 2 - 27th July 2022

  • Meeting 3 – 26th September 2022



In case of inquiries, please reach out to Registration @HACK Chapter [email protected].