Sultan leads and oversees all activities aimed at developing Cybersecurity measures in The Saudi Investment Bank, providing business stakeholders with information assurance services, including defining business and security requirements, integrating Cybersecurity solutions, aligning security plans with digital transformation strategies, and implementing risk management. He plans and supervises all Cybersecurity initiatives and projects towards increasing the resilience level for the bank and its subsidiaries. Sultan has extensive IT and Information Security professional experience locally and internationally. Sultan has worked in the past for Saudi Central Bank (SAMA), Saudi Telecom Company (STC), Florida Tech (USA), Boeing (USA), and Capital Market Authority (CMA). He has recently won the Middle East Security Award. He holds a set of distinguished technical and leadership certifications from Harvard, INSEAD, Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), London Business School, and others. Sultan has earned his undergraduate degree from King Saud University, and his graduate degree from Florida Institute of Technology. 

Speaker sessions

29-Nov-2021 17:10 – 17:45

Upskill to Upscale

In security, a lot of investments are made on technology but not much on the process and people. There are numerous…