Majed is master degree holder in computer science cybersecurity minor for New York Institute of Technology and a member of Saudi Aramco cybersecurity command center. Majed is a professional with hands-on experiences in cybersecurity operation center and digital forensics & incident response (DFIR).

Extensive exposure to cases as a first handler provided him with enough experiences to gain the trust to lead SOC team allowing him to showcase teamwork and management skills. In addition, an experienced malware analyst and reverse engineering, which demonstrated by conducting an interactive malware analysis workshop.

Cyber threat hunting is a special task and interest to help counter advanced threats that can go undetected by usual security solutions, working in a critical and vibrant environment means that different adversaries will attempt to invent new techniques and ways to penetrate your organization infrastructure. To mitigate the high risk caused by these advanced techniques and tactics, threat hunting is an essential tool to be utilized by all cybersecurity practitioners.

Speaker sessions