Onsite Trainings

50 of the world’s leading infosec trainers, all with Black Hat pedigree, flew to Riyadh last November to deliver a series of highly sought-after technical courses. Expect more of the same this November!

To show the community we mean business, we broke the news that our first announced trainers – the legendary Offensive Security - would be flying to KSA for the first time to deliver their red hot AWE course (OSEE certification) – a training course so in demand that at Black Hat Vegas, it sells out in a matter of minutes.

Following that, we have announced dozens more infosec focussed training courses, exclusive to the region at @Hack, and available at normal commercial rates. Finally the region has the world’s best infosec training, at the same standard and pricing as anywhere else in the world. This is your chance to meet some of the best information security experts in the world.